“Drew Hutton is a rare combination of financial and legal expertise, wrapped in the highest levels of integrity and professionalism.  At trial, his ability to simplify complex financial reporting and recall important details was extremely helpful in presenting my expert testimony to the jury.”

- Stuart Harden, CPA, CFF – Managing Director, Litigation and Forensic Accounting Services, Hemming Morse, Inc., and Member, FASB Emerging Issues Task Force; San Francisco, California


“Drew has the ability to see through the mountains of paper to the real financial and accounting issues that frame the case.  That insight not only streamlines the litigation, it is critical to success.” 

- Opposing Class Action Counsel; Dallas, Texas 


"Drew is keenly intelligent, very thorough and always professional; a rare combination of qualities necessary for solving the most difficult and complex legal issues."

- Professor of Law, Corporations and Securities; Spokane, Washington


“I’ve had fascinating criminal trials that were far less interesting than this case. They got dry subject matter and made it interesting, and good trial lawyers can do that... I thought it was really, overall, the best-tried case I’ve witnessed in my years on the bench. It was just a pleasure. It really was. It was great.” 

- Federal judge, after jury verdict in a financial reporting civil action