When we work on a contingent fee basis, we are rewarded when our clients are rewarded.  In that way, we partner with our clients to get the best result we can.

Mr. Hutton’s expertise has contributed to dozens of large cases that have resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars of recoveries for his clients.  Please note that past results do not guarantee future results, which may be less or more.  

In just the last 10 years, Mr. Hutton has connected with other law firms to achieve outstanding results including the following:

  • Confidential eight-figure value settlement (a high percentage of damages claimed) for family investment entities who had purchased “principal protected” structured notes (i.e., structured derivatives) from large international brokerage firm.

  • Amendment of executive compensation policies at a public company, and relinquishment by its former CEO of valuable economic rights to compensation, all for the benefit of the company and its shareholders.

  • In re Williams Companies Securities Litigation ($311 million settlement for investors on eve of trial)

  • In re AOL Time Warner Securities Litigation ($2.5 billion settlement for investors)

  • In re Broadcom Securities Litigation ($150 million settlement for investors; former federal Judge Dickran Tevrizian: “an exceptional result given the complexity of the case”)

  • In re Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. Derivative Litigation ($30 million cash settlement)

  • In re Conseco Life Insur. Co. Cost of Insurance Litigation ($200 million settlement for insurance consumers)

  • In re Clarent Corporation Securities Litigation (obtaining a jury verdict against the former CEO of Clarent Corporation.  At the trial’s conclusion, the Honorable Judge Charles R. Breyer commented that it was “overall, the best-tried case I’ve witnessed in my years on the bench.”  He added: “These trial lawyers are some of the best I’ve ever seen. . . . We’ve all been treated to great civility and the highest professional ethics in the presentation of this case.”)